Michael Lazaruk, Edmonton Family Lawyer

Michael Lazaruk, Edmonton Family Lawyer

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Edmonton Family Law Practice

In a marriage or common-law relationship, things sometimes stop working. You need a calm place, a port in the storm. You need an Edmonton family lawyer.

Edmonton family lawyer Michael Lazaruk is a member of the Alberta Family Mediation Society. Michael knows there is great stress and uncertainly when a marriage or common-law relationship ends in breakdown. He understands that the stakes are high when children, finances, and property are all potentially involved.

Michael Lazaruk will

  • take the time to understand your family law needs
  • provide you with the information you need to best position yourself in your situation
  • encourage efforts to minimize confrontation while reaching a resolution that works for you.

Contact Edmonton family lawyer Michael Lazaruk at 1.780.801.0607 or complete the Contact form on this page. Ask him about family law mediation and collaborative family law services.

Edmonton Family Law Services

Michael Lazaruk provides Edmonton Family Law services in the areas of

  • contested and uncontested divorces
  • child custody and parenting
  • access and contact
  • spousal and child support and maintenance
  • matrimonial property division
  • legal separation
  • common-law relationships

Lazaruk Law: Family Law Mediation Services

How Does Family Law Mediation Work?

Mediation is about working together to resolve disputes with the guidance of a mediator.

Mediation is voluntary. It is confidential. And in mediation, you make your own decisions–you control the outcomes. Michael Lazaruk has the training and experience as a mediator to help you.

As mediator, Michael will

  • arrange for a neutral, safe meeting place at a time that works for all parties
  • be impratial and unbiased
  • explain the mediation process
  • help all parties agree on the items that will be discussed during mediation
  • encourage open, honest communication of issues
  • help you find ways to collaboratively resolve disputes
  • work with all parties to find mutually agreeable solutions
  • arrange for additional mediation sessions if needed.

In addition, Michael can help you formalize mutually agreed solutions in a Memorandum of Understanding that is not legally binding, but can be used as the basis of a legal agreement or Court Order.

Find out if family law mediation is right for you. Even if you are already involved in a court process, you can talk with Michael about whether family law mediation is an alternative. Call Michael Lazaruk at 1.780.801.0607 or complete the Contact form on this page.

Lazaruk Law: Collaborative Family Law Services

In collaborative family law, each party is represented by a collaborative family lawyer for the purposes of reaching a settlement. The parties sign a contract in which they agree not to take the matter to court if the collaborative family law process is unsuccessful.

If Michael is your collaborative family lawyer, he will

  • represent your interests throughout the collaboration process
  • provide legal advice and legal guidance
  • work towards a respectful solution for your family
  • protect the well-being of your children through such means as a co-parenting arrangement
  • represent your interests in the creation of a separation agreement that is tailored to meet your unique situation.

Find out if collaborative family law can help you. Call Michael Lazaruk at 1.780.801.0607 or complete the Contact form on this page.

Family Law Mediation and Collaborative Family Law Benefits

If your family is dealing with separation or divorce, family law mediation or collaborative family law can help you

  • work towards solutions for parenting, communication, child support, division of property, or spousal support
  • save time
  • avoid a court battle
  • save money.

Edmonton Family Law Mediation & Collaborative Family Law Resources

Explore these links for more resources about family law mediation and collaborative family law.

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